Meth, Special K, Guns and Ammo in Poipet KTV

Poipet: The police force of Poipet City raided the AJR karaoke on Thursday, June 13, 2019, at 21:30.

Military police in Poipet went to the suspected drug trafficking site AJR club in the village of Samaki Meanchey Sangkat / Poipet, Banteay Meanchey.

The operation continued to 1:30 am on June 14, 2019,

Ten arrests were made, including the club owner.

Police seized 112 bags of white powder, several hundred pills, 151 bottles of liquid ketamine, a SIG Sauer pistol and 63 bullets. Some drugs and the gun were found in a suspect’s car, more in a PCX motorcycle outside the building.

The Royal Gendarmerie of Poipet City is building the case for court.

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