Chinese Driver Kills 2 in Sen Sok

Phnom Penh: at 10:30 pm on 14 June 2019 there was a shocking accident when a Chinese man in a Range Rover collided with a motorcycle killing two young men on 2011, in Kraing Thnong commune, Khan Sen Sok.

Yin Samnang, a 24-year-old man and a second named Sreang, a 24-year-old died at the scene.

According to the source, before the incident, two Chinese men were seen in the black RANGE ROVER, number plate, Phnom Penh 2R-0777, heading west at speed. The car collided with the Honda Dream series 019 plate number 1HT-0788 ridden by two young men from east to west.

The Chinese men were arrested for questioning.

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