Harry Potter and the Mine Rodent Chums

Harry Potter is a mouse with a mission; to search for mines in Cambodia and save lives.

After training in Tanzania, the expat rat was sent to carry out the mission of finding mines in Cambodia in May. Harry and his rodent comrades were trained in the search for landmines by an organization called APOPO.

Harry and pals will join the Cambodian Mine Action Center operations with old mice who have come to the end of their mission, which began in 2015. Some of the rats are older and have to retire, so they have to work with new recruits in the interval.

APOPO said on its website: “A mouse can detect mines in 30 minutes. “

These rats are considered to be highly intelligent, which is why they are capable of helping to locate mines, like dogs. https://kohsantepheapdaily.com.kh/article/864634.html

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