Phnom Penh Sewage Veteran

Phnom Penh: “Oum Pichorn”, a sewer cleaner for nearly 30 years pleaded to people to stop not throwing rubbish in Phnom Penh.

The veteran sewer repair worker has been busy under the capital’s streets since 1991.

He said the trash was still in the systems because of the waste disposal of the people. Everyday he goes to clear the sewers in Phnom Penh from 8am to 4pm, which is a smelly job, but something he has become accustomed to.

In a recent interview he said: “This is my will. (I’ve been) working for a long time to become familiar with this work and considered it as a normal job ”

During the rainy season, because of the heavy rains flooding the capital, he is on call night and day. According to the 61-year-old, the water under the city often rests at waist and sometimes chest height in the drains.

Even though he has a lot of experience in restoration work, he still faces problems. Sharp glass and metal are thrown into the sewer and pose a safety threat.

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