UPDATE: Body in Alamo Cafe Freezer- Confession

Phnom Penh: A woman went missing on June 3, 2019. Kim Yana, 40, who worked as a hairdresser at the Kandal Market. Her daughter Pich Seav Mey, 17, a student living in Toul Sangke, went to police to help find her.

The Royal Gendarmerie of Daun Penh investigated the case and on the morning of June 11, 2019 and questioned a friend of the victim who had been detained by police the previous night.

The suspect Sin Sophal, a 35 year old woman took police to a freezer, where some parts of the dismembered victim were still being kept. Parts of the body including a hand, feet and ribs had already been discovered dumped on Sisowath Quay on Sunday.

Details will be released later, after the Phnom Penh military police release a statement.

UPDATE: According to the suspect’s confession, filmed for TV, she owed the victim a large sum of money, and the victim told her she was going to tell the suspect’s American husband.

The suspect lured her to Alamo cafe off 172 and strangled the victim with a krama, which she said was not her intention, and then kept the body in her son’s bedroom and acted as if everything was normal.

She then drugged her husband with sleeping pills and cut up the body (like a pig?), intending to dispose of it in pieces, keeping it in the restaurant freezer.

Her husband has been named locally as a long-term American expat, who according to several local news reports has also been implicated in the murder. EDIT: This no longer appears to be the case.

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