Ministry to Clampdown on Children in Brick Factories

Phnom Penh: Ith Sam Heng, Minister of Labor and Vocational Training, issued a 5-point guideline on banning children from entering the production line in brick factories.

This guideline was forwarded to the Director of the Provincial Department of Labor and Training to advise the owners or directors of the brick factories to implement.

Five measures to prevent possible accidents for child labor in brick making,

  1. Large and easy to see, signs saying

    – Any person who brings children into the yard may face criminal charges
    -Using child labor in the manufacturing is a potential criminal offense.

2. The use of debt bondage is prohibited.

3. Regular supervision of the production line.

4- Provide accommodation separately from the production kine with a safety fence separating the factory and living spaces.

5. The absolute prohibition of all forms of exploitation of child labor and forced children to work to pay off debts.

The instructions stated that “the owner or director of any business producing bricks who fail to comply with these instructions will be subject to fines or criminal charges”.

It is common for young children to work alongside their family in brick factories, leading to cases of horrific accidents.

Many children join their families in brick factories, which have led to horrific accidents.

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