Lovek Management Can Solve Your House Problems

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LOVEK Management is a company run by Khmer/French who made their experiences in France and in the USA.

The concept of LOVEK Multi-service is to centralize all the house services in a unique company to make our customers home issues easier to manage.

The company expectations are very high despite our very competitive prices*.

The quality is really our priority!

We have experienced ourselves in the past how difficult it can be to find technicians to fix or maintain our homes, how expensive it can cost, how long we could wait and most of the time how fooleded we have been…

From that, LOVEK Multi-service is born!

We do our best to provide to our customers, affordable prices, reactivity, of course the best service as we can (Our reviews prove it…) and availability if your issue is not fixed correctly!

All our work in addition to be very affordable are warranty!

Our company is registered to the Ministry of Commerce and to the Tax department, so we provide also very details invoices with no hidden cost!!

So, “Think smart, think LOVEK

Thanks for your future trust, LOVEK Management.

*some of our prices:

A/C Cleaning



  • Gas filling -50% vol.
  • $23
  • House Keeping/Office Cleaning
  • $13


Broken Pipes


Replacement of broken plumbing parts

  • Clogged Drain


To celebrate LOVEK offer 50% discount* to all the prices this coming week!!
Book now to clean your A/C for only $6,5!

*discount only on services, not on supplies.

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