Families Evicted From Apsara Authority Land

Siem Reap: Over 23 families living in Mondulkiri Village, Sangkat Slor Kram, Siem Reap have been forced by the Apsara Authority of Siem Reap to relocate their homes, which they claim they have been living for many years.

According to local sources, people living in the area have told reporters that they have been living here for many years, and repeatedly asked the village authorities permission, but were not issued anything for them until the APSARA Authority came down to resettle them.

They also said that the Apsara Authority had previously visited, but on June 6, 2018, decided to relocate their homes.

And they also said that most of them were people from other provinces, and very few of them were born in Siem Reap and were also poor. Some are disabled, others are moto-taxi drivers.

Regardless of this, journalists cannot clarify this, as they are only the words of the people who gave the interviews.

Finally, the people also hoped the government would help solve the problem, as they are poor people with a lack of housing and land for construction.


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