Over 36,000 Irregular Cambodian Documents Taken From Foreigners

The General Department of Immigration has removed 36,094 unregistered Cambodian administrative documents from a total of 19,395 immigrant families, according to the Ministry of Immigration and Population. The families totalled 68,801 people (32,837 females), of whom 49,638 (23,921 females) were over 18.

They were from 9 nationalities; Thailand, Laos, China, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia Nepal, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, according to a report by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Interior, which journalists received on June 5, 2019.

The report said that the types of documents withdrawn included 14,806 (*residence?) booklets, 2,227 family books, 12,440 Khmer birth certificates, 380 marriages certificates, 5,904 Cambodian ID cards and 337 Cambodian passports.

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