Belgian Arrested in Cambodia After Irishman Murdered in Malaysia

A MAN is being held by Cambodian police in connection with the murder of an Irishman in Malaysia earlier this year.

The body of IT manager Brian Patrick O’Reilly, 50, (pictured) was discovered at his luxury condo in Penang, Malaysia on March 4, 2019.

He was found tied up and battered with a wok and had also suffered slash wounds on his neck and stab wounds on his abdomen.

A disturbing note was found next to his bloodied remains which read: “I respect the police and still do but justice sometimes has to be gained.

“I hate you mafia killing scammers. I love my girl and she is dead.”

The suspect, a Belgian national, in his 60s, was lifted in Cambodia at the end of April on an Interpol arrest warrant, after being on the organisation’s most wanted list for more than two months.

He’s currently being held in a jail in Cambodia while officials look to see how they can extradite him to Malaysia.

It’s understood Malaysian cops suspect he is the Caucasian man who answered the door to a property agent looking for O’Reilly around the time of his murder.

He is also suspected of being one of four people spotted on CCTV leaving the condo with the murder victim just prior to his death.

The individual is believed to be a conman who has been working in various places in Asia, as well as being in South America and Europe over the last 15 years.

He is suspected of being involved in scams relating to timeshares in Belgium and is thought have been involved in the timeshare scam in Malaysia as well.

The alleged con artist denies and involvement in the Irishman’s murder.

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