Man Bites Off Wife’s Ear, Wife Bites His Penis

Siem Reap: On June 1, 2019, at 8:40 am, a domestic violence incident took place in the village of Phnom Touch, Kralanh district, Siem Reap province.

The wife, Chum Voeung, 40, called her husband, Ly Leap, 38, who was sleeping on a bed under the house to eat, but her husband refused to rise up.

An argument turned to violence, as the man bit off his wife’s right ear. The wife then bit her husband’s penis, causing (* something to do with his testicle that can’t translate, but doesn’t sound pleasant).

Ly Leap and Chou Voeung were taken to a Krekor hospital for treatment.

Neither wished to press charges against the other. It is reported the couple had been drinking heavily before the incident. Source: Facebook

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