iPad Cop Released After ‘Confusion’

Phnom Penh:  General Neth Savoeun, National Police Chief, told the media on May 31, 2019: “After finishing questioning at the Criminal Police Department, the police officer was allowed to return home after completing a proper contract and guarantee. The case is not a forgery, it was a mistake , both parties, both the owner and the police officer, have compromised. The owner has not filed a complaint, either.

The police officer in uniform was caught on CCTV stealing an iPad at a Wing store in Tuol Kork district, and was sent to the Police Department. The cop was later allowed to return home after signing a contract.

The public voiced outrage over the actions of the police officer.

The officer on the morning of May 30, 2019 entered the Wing shop” in Toul Kork district and was filmed as he stole an iPad.

After uploading the video, there was a huge reaction from the public on Facebook, and later that same day, the account owner removed the post.

The Facebook account owner said: ” Earlier, the iPad disappeared, with a police officer……. about two hours later I posted Facebook, now he gave me the iPad and he said he was confused . 

Nevertheless, even though the owner said this, many people on social networks and the police seem unconvinced. A senior police official commented that the video showed an act of theft that is punishable by law and affects national police honor.


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