Takeo Criminal Runs Amok With AK47

Takeo: A suspect armed with an AK47 rifles ran amok inside property with many people inside, including 9 children, terrifying them.

The man shot bullets through the door and the windows of a Highlander car.

The suspects was quickly detained and luckily, did not cause any injuries.

The incident occurred at 22:50 local time on May 29, 2019 at Chakkouk village, Trapeang Sap commune , Bati district, Takeo province.

Police said that the suspect named Sem Bo Bay, 28, an alleged drug user had been jailed on charges of violence and was only out of prison for 1 month. The motive appears to have been robbery.

Victims Som Dara and his wife, Chhin Shi, were in their house at the market with others and said it was very lucky there were no injuries, as bullets splattered an deflected off a metal door and smashed the front windscreen of the car.

The suspect was detained by police in the district of Bati district on charges of attempted murder the weapon was sent to the Bati District Police Inspector to proceed with the legal proceedings. http://tdnewsasia.com/archives/56263

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