“One of the most brutal homicides we have had to investigate” – CPU

The CPU in conjunction with Sihanoukville Police Command and the Ministry of Interior continue to conduct investigations and gather evidence in relation to the horrific double homicide of a 2 year old boy and the rape and homicide of his 10 year old sister in Sihanoukville on the 29th of May 2019.

Investigators, Crime Scene Examiner’s and the CPU Forensic Pathologist remain at the scene in Kor Ki Comune, Prey Nob District, Sihanoukville. The bloodied bodies of both victims were discovered inside their home at about 3.15pm on the 30th of May 2019 after their father had left them only a short time prior to their discovery. The 10yr old female was in a critical condition and rushed to Sihanoukville hospital where the CPU arranged a medical evacuation shortly after. Unfortunately she died of her horrific injuries a few hours after.

“The brutality of this furious attack is beyond words and has shocked some of the moist seasoned homicide investigators”

Every possible resource is being used to identify the individual responsible for this crime. Be under no misapprehension we will use every possible resource available to us to find you and bring you to justice.

It is incomprehensible the level of violence used on these two innocent children. May you both rest in peace with the promise Task Force members will not rest until we have made an arrest and prosecuted the individual responsible for this horrific crime.

Updates to follow. James McCabe- CPU

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