UPDATE: Korean Injured After 136 Bar Bill Brawl

Phnom Penh: A Korean was wounded after a fight broke out at
2:35 am, on May 30, 2019, in I Get You Bar, Street 136, Phsar Kandal 1 district Daun Penh.

According to sources close to the scene, before the incident, three Korean men along with a Cambodian translator were drinking in the bar. A disagreement between a female staff member ended up with a Korean man bleeding from his head.

The man escaped and, according to the interpreter, the violence flared up after the woman was asking for more money.

But, according to the bar staff, the guests were very drunk and the argument was over a $20 drinks bill.

After the incident, the Korean filed a police compliant, while on the other side, the staff of I Get You Bar also filed a complaint. The court will now handle the legal proceedings.

UPDATE: After the story spread across media outlets, both parties agreed to a private resolution and dropped their complaints against each other.


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