Drunk Driver Was Top Traffic Cop

Phnom Penh: At 11:40 pm on May 29, 2019, a car driven by a high ranking official stunned crashed into two motorbikes and traffic signs near Wat Samrong Andet along Phnom Penh’s Hanoi Rd, in Phnom Penh Thmey district, Khan Sen Sok.

The drunk driver was identified as the Deputy Chief of Traffic Police of Phnom Penh Capital.

The 2-5769 police plated car crossed the road, crashing into two motorbikes.
while the car continued to drive on, ploughing into a traffic sign and finally coming to a stop after hitting an electricity pole..
Both men on the bikes were injured and were immediately taken away in ambulances.

The driver opened the car door, and escaped from the scene.

After the incident, the car was taken to Phnom Penh Road Traffic Police Station (the driver’s workplace), waiting for legal action.


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