UPDATE: Club Shooter Sent to PJ


UPDATE: On May 31, the suspect was ordered to PJ Prison to await trial on the orders of the investigating judge, Mr. Than Leng

A suspected gunman who shot a young woman in the thigh came to voluntarily confess to the crime at the Royal Gendarmerie Headquarters. Phnom Penh on May 29, 2019.

The incident occurred outside Luxurious Club in the early hours of May 28th.

The suspect is reported as being the son of Her Excellency Nhem Morakot, a high ranking official at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Sources also say the mother of the suspect brought him to the Royal Gendarmerie.

A pistol and ammunition was also handed over to authorities.

Suspect Vinn Surgpanha, 27, is being being questioned by the Royal Gendarmerie over his involvement with the shooting.


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