Major Chinese Investment Promised in Key Sectors

Major Chinese investors plan to invest in Cambodia’s key sectors, including health, agriculture, technology and mining in Cambodia, according to Kang Jushien, director general of the Beijing-based Cultural Relations Center, at a meeting at the National Bank of Cambodia, on 27 May 2019.

Mr. Kang said that the visit to Cambodia is aimed at studying the investment opportunities in areas, including the establishment of high-tech hospitals, investment in agriculture, planting of Chinese herbal medicinal plants, pharmaceutical processing plants, creating logo design factories and large-scale printing.

Mr. Kang said that the purpose of investing in this country is because Chinese investors see the need in Cambodia, especially for health services to reduce the need for treatment abroad. In addition, the investment is in line with the government’s strategy of “belt and road” to promote a comprehensive strategic relationship between the Royal Government of Cambodia Cambodia and the Chinese government.

In response, Mr. Sam Heng, Minister of labor and Vocational Training expressed his welcome to Chinese wishing to invest in Cambodia. In the future, in response to the need for Cambodia, and in particular to strengthen the health sector more efficiently.

He added this investment will also give importance and create job opportunities for many Cambodians help promote socio-economic development in the country.

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