Bikini Clad Apsara Dancers Criticized

Phnom Penh: A number of photographs were sent to the media on May 26, 2019. They show a group of Khmer women living in the United States in bikini-aspsara costumes. The source says this group is damaging the value of Khmer Apsara.

“Even though they want to show Khmer culture, the image they make is destructive and costly for Apsara. They seemingly do not understand the Khmer Apsara dress. For them, there is little understanding of Khmer literature, traditions, and values ​​of Apsara’s intrigue and dignity of Khmer.”

Unidentified sources claim that the Cambodian women (*seems to be a beauty pageant) were also in traditional Apsara costumes which were not sexy. In the pictures that are causing the outrage, they wished the guests to be entertained, and mized styles with bikinis.

However, as a suggestion from the above sources, the government should consider this issue and assign teachers to any other cultures to teach them to understand Khmer traditions. (Edited by: Bopha).

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