Chinese Man Suspected of Being Cheated by Traffickers

Phnom Penh: A Chinese man was spotted staying on the train tracks in front of Wat Trapeang Chhoup on the night of May 25, 2019, in Sangkat Samrongkom, Khan Por Senchey Municipality.

The Chinese man, 29, was questioned by a Chinese speaker, and said he came to Cambodia three days previously with fellow acquaintances at Pochentong Airport, but these acquaintances took his wallet and his passport and left him on the streets without money.

However, it has not been possible to conclude whether it is true or not, as some Chinese now have tricks and are smuggled by a broker and brought through Vietnam without a passport.

The man was taken to the General Department of Immigration, but the department did not accept him as a priority case, so the local authority brought him to stay at the Por Sen Chey Inspectorate temporarily.

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