Inquest Hears British Tourist Died on First Night of Holiday

A tourist drowned in a swimming pool on the first night of a holiday in Cambodia.

Former Retford resident Kieran Blakeledge could not be saved, although a nurse carried out CPR for 45 minutes.

She was thought to have been staying in the same hotel as the 28-year-old, an inquest in Nottingham heard.

Assistant Coroner Dr Elizabeth Didcock said that Mr Blakeledge had been “by the pool drinking and chatting with friends who went to bed or to get food.”

The coroner said: “He was on his own by the pool. Very sadly he fell into the pool about 10 o’clock. He had a small cut near the eye, presumably when he fell in.”

She said that there was “no sign of injury but a little bit of bruising around a foot, nothing more.”

The coroner ruled out involvement by other people in the death and said that tests showed that he had taken “no illicit substances.”

A post mortem was carried out after Mr Blakeledge’s embalmed body was brought back to the UK. There were some traces of alcohol but the coroner said this was most likely due to the embalming process.

Drowning was given as the medical cause of death.

Mr Blakeledge’s mother Christine told the inquest: “We don’t know whether he slipped or fell.”

The coroner said that a report had been received from police officers in Cambodia but it was “very brief.”

It said that he arrived that morning at the Bungalow Soksabay resort in Sihanoukville and that he “died from drowning.”

The hearing was told that Mr Blakeledge had lived in Australia since 2014.

His father James told the hearing: “He had been accepted in Australia for more four years and had a visa. He was over the moon and had gained sponsorship.”

The coroner said: “There is no suggestion he has taken his own life.”

Her conclusion was of accidental death.

She told the family: “I am so sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolences.

“There is nothing suspicious about the death.”

Nottingham Post

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