Unlicensed Doctors Will Be Prosecuted in Svay Rieng

Svay Rieng province: Kra Ratha, director of Svay Rieng Provincial Department of Health, said that people giving unauthorized injections at home are dangerous and deadly for many.

Currently, many non-licensed pharmacists and medical practitioners not sanctioned from the provincial health department or the Ministry of Health are operating in Svay Rieng province.

Therefore, to avoid any further accidents, the Provincial Health Department requests all citizens in case of illness, please do not go to the unlicensed doctor for injections used without (ministry) permission. To make it easier for citizens, the Health Department will publish a list of practitioners who have been authorized in the media and through health centers and communes in Svay Rieng province.

All non-certified and unprotected pediatricians must stop this illegal activity immediately because the Department of Health has introduced prohibits and repeated contracts. There will be no further contracting, but a legal response.

The provincial health department will use powers against unlicensed medical practitioners notauthorized by the Health Department or all health ministries in Svay Rieng province and send them to court.

So if you are still in business, and giving medicine without a certificate, or are no longer authorized, you will have to stand trial before the court. http://www.arey-news.com/archives/308033

*This announcement comes after the death of a patient treated by an unlicensed doctor in Svay Rieng, read here.

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