CPU Help Catch Prey Veng Child Killer

Arrest in Revenge Killing and Rape of an 8 year old girl

About 8.30 pm on Wednesday 22nd May 2019, suspect Phlong Hokly 35, was near the victim’s home located at Koung Sre Village, Lve Commune, Sithor Kandal District, Prey Veng, when he encouraged Hong Sreydav, an 8 year old girl, to follow him into the rice fields.

Approximately 2 hours later the suspect was observed by the grandmother of the victim returning to his house to take a shower. The victim’s grandmother asked the suspect where her granddaughter was to which the suspect replied he did not know.

Police were informed and a search was conducted that night and continued into the next day when, at about 9 am on 23rd of May 2019 a search of a pond located approximately 1 km from the victim’s home was conducted and the body of the victim discovered.

CPU and Crime Scene Units were called and attended the scene. Joint Task Force Hotel-19 was established in conjunction with Prey Veng Police Command. Detailed examinations of the crime scene and victim were conducted and it was determined that the child had been bashed and raped, then thrown into the pond.

At about 10.30 the suspect was detained and refused to comment, denying any involvement. CPU Homicide Team and CSI Unit continued to collect forensic evidence and when the suspect was confronted with the overwhelming evidence, he confessed. The suspect then conducted a re-enactment of his crime for investigators.

The suspect stated he had an argument with the victim’s father last year and was drunk and angry so he killed the victim after raping her.

I wish to thank all persons involved in the instigation of this horrific crime especially the CPU Homicide Crew and Crime Scene Unit for their excellent work in the examination of the scene and evidence collection that led to the confession of the suspect.

James McCabe of Child Protection Unit

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