Chinese on Chinese Fight After Double Hyundai Crash

Phnom Penh: A Chinese man with five passengers drove a Hyundai through a crossroads without slowing down at 12:40 am on May 24, 2019, along 360 Street and 95 Street in Boeung Kang Kang 2.

According to the source, the white Hyundai H-1, license plate number 2AZ-3693 drove down 95 at high speed, went through the crossroads without care and ploughed into another silver Hyundai, 2AO-3376 driven by a another Chinese man who was travelling along 360.

There was damage to both vehicles. The six in the white Hyundai jumped out and began to chase and attempted to beat the other driver. After the violence, the six Chinese men fled from the scene.

Both cars were then taken Phnom Penh Road Traffic Police Office to wait for the parties themselves to legal actions.

Photos taken from different sources which are running the same story.

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