Taiwan Tour Companies Accused of Cheating Siem Reap Businesses

20 businesses in Siem Reap accuse Taiwan tour companies of failing to pay over US$2 million

By Duncan DeAeth, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A group of 20 different establishments in Siem Reap, Cambodia have accused a group of unnamed Taiwanese tour companies of failing to pay their debts at the hotels and restaurants.

According to a local media report, several Taiwanese travel agencies collectively owe more than US$2 million to the hotels and restaurants, which have filed a criminal complaint with the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism and local authorities.

Notably, the report fails to specify which travel agencies are being accused of cheating the Cambodian companies. A spokesperson for the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism, Top Sopheak, was quoted by the Khmer Times.

“Travel agencies from Taiwan booked rooms in 20 hotels and restaurants but never paid. They just disappeared. Based on tourism regulations, the victims have a right to file a complaint and now the ministry will take proper action.”

The accusations against the unnamed Taiwanese tour agencies in Siem Reap comes shortly after Cambodia signed a deal with the Chinese government to boost tourism to Cambodia from China by giving 13 select Cambodian tour operators preferential market access to Chinese customers.

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