Sexy Lexus Driver Takes Out Tuk Tuk and Audi

Phnom Penh: A woman in a very drunk condition driving a Lexus GS 430 hit a tuk-tuk,, which then hit an Audi, causing damage to all concerned. The incident happened around 9.25pm on May 21 at Wat Lanka, Sihanouk corner with 51, BKK1.

After the incident, the tuk tuk and Audi drivers tried to negotiate with the girl but she was very drunk and became loud and abusive to them, causing a crowd to watch excitedly because she looked so beautiful but aggressive.

With negotiations going nowhere, and to prevent more of a scene, friends paid up compensation, giving $ 180 to the tuk-tuk.

The boozed up wench agreed to hand over her ID and driver’s licence to the Audi side, who will repair the damage and hand her the bill at a later date.

Police evidently did not get involved. Kohsantepheap

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