Boy Killed After Witnessing Rape

Child Witness Murdered to Cover up Rape

On the 19th of May in Takeo Province a 13 year old boy observed his 27 year old male neighbor sexually assaulting a female.

Approximately 1 hour later the male neighbor called the child to go fishing with him. Once at the fishing pond, located approximately 300m from the boy’s residence the offender produced a machete like weapon, attacked the child and threw his body into the pond. The offender then covered the body with fishing nets and returned to his home.

The female victim of the sexual assault had witnessed the suspect leave with the boy and fearing for the child, went to investigate. She discovered the boy’s shoes near the pond then went and alerted police and relatives. At about 15.30 on the same day the child’s body was located.

CPU and Crime Scene experts attended and conducted a forensic examination of the child and scene. The offender was arrested at his home address and the murder weapon recovered.

The man later made a full confession to both the sexual assault and murder of the child.

CPU was again fortunate to have visiting Forensic Pathologist Ray Kiwran to assist in the investigation.

Another tragic loss of life RIP.

From Child Protection Unit

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