Murder at the Dentist

Phnom Penh: A dental clinic was turned into a crime scene at around 7:30 am on May 20, at the dentist’s house at Phsar Trapeang Tray market, Street 151 in Prek Pnov.

Local police said that the victim, known as Thon Ravin, a 19-year-old resident of Kampong Siem district, Kampong Cham province, was staying with his uncle, Moeun Sotha, a dentist who ran the clinic.

On the morning of the incident, patents were waiting outside for an appointment.
When the uncle arrived and opened the door, he found his dead nephew in a pool of blood near the bed, and then reported to the police.

According to news reports, at around 7 pm, the victim went out and arrived back around 9 pm.

According to the authorities, the killing could be because of a love triangle. Signs of a struggle means the victim may have been fighting with the killer.

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