Kampot Sea Markers Cause Social Media Stir

Kampot: An image land markers going out into the sea has been circulated throughout the social network Facebook and widely criticized.

On May 19, a poster, blogger and would-be politician called William Guang, said, “Shall we be stationed in the sea again? Please note that the lake, the river, the forest, the river belongs to the state! Are the maritime boundaries on the layout of liquidity or liquidity?

“To mark the sea again? Please note that the lake and river belongs to the state! Is the maritime demarcation a solid layout or liquidity plan? Is the hard title a solid landing plan or stretch to the sea?

This is an image of the sea in Kampot, advertised by a real estate company claiming to have a hard title, I wonder if the hard-liners of the 50-mile beach or hard-sea plan can be reached in the sea. Please ask relevant authorities and local authorities to comment on this issue by favoring me not getting specific clarification and leading the research team. Note: Investors can only invest if they get a rebate or a concession from the state but only on certain conditions.

On May 20th, Cheav Tay, governor of Kampot province responded, “If found and researched to be illegal, (we) will remove the posts because no one has the right to put demarcation rights in the sea. ”  He added he had received information and images, but officials do not know at this point if the claims are true.

The director of the Kampot Provincial Department of Urban Planning and Construction, Yvon Vuth also confirmed that he has now been sent to investigate and to take further action.

Regarding this case, a high-ranking official in Kampot province also said that the demarcation could be on private land and looks as if it is in the sea because of a high tide.

Residents are awaiting clarification from relevant authorities to avoid any misunderstandings.


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