Rainy Season is Officially Here

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology on May 18, 2019 issued a notice on the weather in Cambodia, confirming that the El Nino phenomenon has decreased its effect as the rainy season has begun at the beginning of the third week of May.

The Ministry of Water Resources has stated that Cambodia’s weather from May 19 to 25, will be as follows:

1: From May 19 to May 20, Cambodia will suffer from the influence of low pressure and a southwest monsoon, which will see Phnom Penh and some provinces get moderate rainfall.

2: From May 21st to 25th, the low pressure and southwest monsoons begin to re-energize, resulting in steady increases in rainfall levels across the country.

3: Maximum temperature is between 33 and 36 degrees Celsius.

4: Thunderstorms and high winds continue to occur, which require you to be vigilant.

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