Family Disagree With Suicide Verdict

Phnom Penh: The family of a man who was found hanged say he did not commit suicide, but was a victim of murder.

The man, a Chinese translator, was found hanging in his office building, where he worked. It’s claimed that there were large spots of blood across the room.

The body was found at 6:30 am on May 17 at SUNWA’s office located alongside Samdech Hun Sen Park (East of Naga), in Toul Sangke Champasak, Khan Chamkar Mon.

The 35-year-old victim, Hour Phally, worked as a translator in the company. He had a wife and son, who live in a rented house in Dangkor District, and has a home in Takeo.

After being alerted to the case, the police force of Khan Chamkar Morn and the technical staff of the Police Office of Phnom Penh Capital examined the scene and concluded the deceased was killed in a suicide. Although there were injuries to the man, they believe the bleeding was due to the fact that the victim had failed at his first attempt at hanging, injuring himself. After that, he made a second attempt and died.

According to the source, the victim’s family and other people came down to the scene and saw the body with injuries, bleeding, and blood across the walls, which appeared as if the victim was attacked before being put into the position. They took several photos and do not accept the police conclusion, and are refusing to begin the funeral ceremonies.

The source added that they asked the superiors and specialists to revisit the body of the victim again. The victim’s wife claimed that the victim had scratches on his body and appeared to have been beaten. The victim was also missing property, including a PCX motorcycle, two mobile phones, a wallet, and some other items. There was nothing left with his body.

CCTV cameras were reported as not working on the day of the incident.

It is unclear whether police will re-investigate as the family demands, or if the suicide verdict will change.

Warning! Images of the scene (released by family):

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