Yin Mana Sentenced Over Range Rover Hit and Run

Phnom Penh: Initial reports say* on the afternoon of 17 May 2019, the Municipal Court sentenced Yin Mana, the teenage driver of a Range Rover that killed a promising young student to 1 year imprisonment (*suspended), with almost 2 months already completed.

UPDATE: 2 months served, 10 months suspended and 3 years probation and is free to go home.

She has been in pre-trial detention order at PJ Prison under Article 85 of the Traffic Law since March 29, 2019.

The incident took place on March 26 when the Range Rover hit 19 year old Dum Rida, killing her and speeding off.

The father of the young driver previously paid the victim’s family $70,000 and $5000 for the funeral expenses.

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