Illegal Fishing Still Threaten’s Mekong Dolphins

Stung Treng: Despite catching fishing gear and calling for education, more than half of all fishermen continue to illegally fishing in the Mekong River, threatening the endangered dolphins.

Stung Treng Fisheries Administration said that from May 10-16, 2019, the Stung Treng Fisheries Administration Cooperative, along with Stung Treng police, Dolphin Conservation and Community Fisheries Commission continued to crack down on fishing offenses.

Floating nets were seized with a total length equivalent to approximately 30,000 meters.

Stung Treng Fisheries Administration Cantonment added that, besides cracking down on illegal fishing gear, authorities have summoned fishermen to conduct training and sign contracts to stop 530 fishermen from using illegal practices, such as drift nets.

Stung Treng Fisheries Administration Cantonment confirmed that
despite the efforts, more than half of all fishermen continue to go fishing illegally.

They (fishermen) also demanded the closure of the fishing season as June 1, as they had previously practiced.

The team will continue its mission of protecting fish during the breeding season, using both strong and sustainable strategies for fisheries in the Mekong region.

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