Temple Discovered in Kampong Thom Jungle

Kampong Thom: A ancient sanctuary hidden in the jungle  has been discovered in Kampong Thom Province.

According to the Ministry of Environment, the ancient site hidden in the jungle is called Prasat Prasang, and had three temples facing east. According research, the temple was built on bricks, while the base of the was facing northeast. Now, this ruined temple has been almost completely destroyed.

Archaeologists’ primary conclusion concludes that the temple was built during the late 8th century and can be in the style of Kampong Preah, a temple from the late Chenla era.

The temple is located 36 km west of Samut Prakan in Sambor district, Kratie province. The Prasat is located near the border of Kampong Thom and Kratie, located in Tre Yang Village, Sok Chey Commune, Sandaan District, Kampong Thom Province, and is in Cambodia’s largest forest protection zone.

Although the temple is in a deep forest, it is possible to reach there by car.

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