Lexus Driver Runs After St 19 Fatal Crash

Phnom Penh: Two people on a motorcycle were hit by a Lexus 570 causing one to die and another seriously injured.

The accident occurred about 3:30 am on May 16, 2019, along the 19 Street and 108, 100 m west of the Old Market, in Wat Phnom, Daun Penh district.

The dead victim, a 27-year-old, worked at an Internet cafe near the scene.

According to a man who claimed to be a motorbike owner, the two victims were co-workers who had borrowed a motorbike to go to buy some food.

The LX-570 car came from 108 when it hit the moto, trapping one under the car. The driver immediately fled the scene, leaving the vehicle behind.

After the incident, the local authorities came down to to take the victim’s motorcycle to the Daun Penh Inspectorate, to wait for the documents to hand it over to the owner.

The body was taken to Tek Thla pagoda, waiting to be given to relatives.

*Strangely, the source article does not mention what happened to the Lexus or any more details about the driver.

*The dead victim was later named as Siet Kreymas, a Cham female from Kampong Cham.

Warning! Graphic images from the scene:

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