Trio of Troublesome Monks Deported From Thailand

Thailand: Thai Police deported three monks back to Cambodia after they were accused of aggressively seeking cash donations from local people.

An unnamed resident of Kanthararom district posted his complaints about the monks to the Facebook community page “Si Sa Ket Today” and said that the made him feel uneasy and unsafe.

Many social media users questioned whether the three were real monks, while others shared their tales similar encounters.

Kanthararom superintendent Pol Colonel Pisanu Sitthithoon assigned officers to investigate this case. Traffic officer Pol Captain Preeda Kulsirorat reported that the three monks – who were found collecting alms in the district – were from neighbouring Cambodia and did not have the correct immigration documents.

They were sent back to Cambodia on May 14.

The three fake monks were later named as Teth Voeun, a 38-year-old Samak village, Kompong Thom, Pog Phen, 30-year-old residing in the same commune and Seng Sovannrithy, 19 years old also from the same area.

The trio were questioned, educated and sent back to their village.

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