Chinese Embassy Vows to Catch Chongqing Gangsters

(Phnom Penh): After a video supposedly of Chinese gangsters threatening security was shown on social media, the Chinese embassy posted on Facebook on May 12, 2019 that “the Chinese embassy in Cambodia is highly concerned about this issue and has facilitated the ability of China and Cambodia to open an in-depth investigation into this issue. (We) Believe that the truth of the matter will be revealed soon . 

The Chinese embassy in Phnom Penh has announced that it is following up on, and will be paying close attention to a group of Chinese nationals who posted the video clip, and confirmed that it had facilitated Chinese police forces to cooperate with Cambodia to find the truth.

On May 12, 2019, a video clip showing the activities of a group of criminals, supposedly in Sihanoukville, was distributed in social media. In the video, a group of Chinese people said they came from Chongqing will take over Sihanoukville.

This video clip gathered a lot of interest from the Cambodian people and continues to be shared. Following the video, General Neth Savoeun, the National Police Chief, ordered the group to immediately be caught.

The Preah Sihanouk provincial police chief, confirmed that police in Sihanoukville and other authorities were conducting a thorough search to find out the facts and identify the Chinese group.

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