Monk Helps Scammed Overstaying German

A Cambodian monk has used Facebook to appeal for assistance after a German man he befriended was supposedly left penniless after being scammed.

The monk, named Kakada Sophorn, says that German Tobias Runck from Landau In Der Pfalz was cheated out of 8967 Euros by tuk-tuk driverhe had befriended called Hout Bunlin from Siem Reap.

A video has the German admitting he had an expired Cambodian visa for 6 months and needed the money from his mother to pay the fine. As he could not get a money transfer without a valid visa, for some reason the money was transferred to an Acleda account in the name of Hout Bunlin.

Hout Bunlin then allegedly pocked the cash, leaving the already troubled German with nothing, and a mounting debt to the Department of Immigration.

It should be noted that an appeal on Facebook has begun collecting funds from local people who pity the German’s plight.

Hout Bunlin

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