Kandal Lady’s Gambling Ring Flushed

Kandal: At 3:30 pm on May 5, 2019, police forces raided the home of Ms. Moun Kuon, 63-year-old lady, in Chambok Tonsey village, Prey Puth commune, Angsnuol district, Kandal province.

7 suspects were detained:
1-Moeun Kuon Chea, 63-(house owner)
2- Srey Mom, 33, a player
3. Tien, a 64-year-old who watched the game
4-Teph Phally, 42-year-old, factory worker, who was a player.
5 -Deum Kamara, 35, a player.
6-Moen Thida, female, 25, a player.
7-Phon Phavy Srey, 34, a player.

Seized evidence:
1. 10 packs of playing cards.
2. One blanket and a sandwich(?).

Someone had informed the authorities that illegal gambling was taking lace on the premises and went to catch the suspects red handed.

Moeun Kuon confessed that she allowed her house to be used for card games and was given 24 hours of education at the local police station.

Lots of photos: https://postnews.com.kh/local/437897

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