Cops Shoot to Disperse Angry Crowd

Phnom Penh: Police from Por Senchey district arrested four teenagers, and had to fire five gunshots after onlookers became angry.

The incident occurred at about 2 am on May 3, 2019 along 2004 street.

According to the source, four people were riding two motorbikes, were stopped by police for a check, however, the young people would not allow the police to conduct a search and also argued with police forces, which turned violent.

A number of people nearby gathered, and a number more police officers came to intervene as the mood turned ugly.

The four men refused to go quietly, and as the crowd turned on the police, 5 warning shots were fired. The men were then taken away for further inquiries.

UPDATE: The four men were charged with violence and drugs offences and two policemen were injured during the arrests.

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