Traffic Chaos As Painted Porsche Runs Out of Petrol

Phnom Penh: A young woman left her Porsche in the middle of the road and then walked away, causing traffic jams. 8.10 PM, May 1, 20 19 near the Stung Mean Chey Bridge, South Road 271, Sangkat Steung Meanchey II, Khan Mean Chey.

According to a source who said that before the incident, she saw a young woman drove a strangely painted PORSCHE No. 2O 6366 on the road of 271 from north-to-south.

The woman suddenly stopped the car in the middle of the road, got out and walked away, disappearing without worrying about creating a traffic jam.

Soon after, a police officer came to help facilitate traffic congestion, when a woman and a man in a tuk-tuk motorcycle came and said that their car was out of fuel, and then the cops forced them to take the car to get petrol.

The same car was also involved in tomfoolery in March, when it made the news following a crash and heated argument.

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