No Lights, No Helmet, No Plates

Tbong Khmum: A man riding a motorbike during a dark night without using the headlights hit a truck parked on the road. The traffic accident happened at 9:15 pm on April 30, 2019, on the road development paved road (Kilometer 41) located in Teuk Thum village, Kampot commune, Memot district.

The victim, Seng Thoeun, a 42-year-old Cambodian, lives in Chi Pach village, Memot district.

The man was riding his black CBR with no license plate, no helmet and no headlights on when he crashed into a 8-ton HYUNDAI, white truck that was stopped on the road and was not using any hazard lights or warning signs.

After the incident, the injured man was sent to a hospital in Memot district. Both truck and motorcycle were taken to the District Police Inspectorate to carry out legal proceedings.

More photos of the scene in LINK

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