US Firm Begins $70m Aquarium in Siem Reap

PHNOM PENH –  Siem Reap province will have a new tourism product to be launched in the near future (first reported by CNE here), with the launch of a world class aquarium on a site of over 100 hectares with an investment capital of US $ 70 million. The first phase of the project will start in May 2019 and is scheduled to be completed in May 2021.

Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium Company was established in partnership between Cambodian and Japanese investors in collaboration with ICM Inc. (International Concept Management Inc.) from the United States, who designs, manages, projects and operates aquariums and marine parks worldwide. Previously, ICM has partnered with Disney, the San Francisco Academy of Sciences, the Baltimore Aquarium, the Osaka Aquarium, Xcaret Park and the Scottish Ecological Reserve. Mexico and Loro Park (Canary Islands).

The project under this partnership aims to invest US $ 70 million in three phases, the first phase will cost US $ 18 million, while Stage II adds further attractions by creating a botanical garden, exhibition halls, a reef sanctuary and the end of the world development (Phase III), aiming to make Angkor Sanctuary (Angkor empire Aquarium & Animal Kingdom) became a major attraction to keep visitors in Siem Reap longer.

Roger R. Reynolds, chairman of Angkor Air and Aircraft and ICM’s founder, said that creating new attractions will have the potential to lengthen the stay of tourists to Siem Reap.

“According to my first discussion with Meng Hieng, we both agree that there is an amazing potential to bring in a center, a watershed, a saltwater aquarium and an animal sanctuary…. Applying needs and education to local people and international tourists who visit Siem Reap. “

Acting Ambassador of the United States Ambassador to Cambodia, Michael Newbill, said the project is one of America’s largest investments in Cambodia over the years, and this is something to celebrate. Thanks to US support, watersheds, saltwater aquariums and animal sanctuaries will be a world-class tourist destination, with specialists from ICM, a leading aquaculture specialist.

“I know Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium is a great way for families to spend time together in Siem Reap,” he said. “Although adults (enjoy) seeing the wonders of Angkor, sometimes our children are bored. (The attraction) will add a family experience to the list of “to visit” destinations in Siem Reap, and it is also one place where I will be delighted to bring my two sons to see. Overall, it will encourage long-term tourism and increase tourism revenue. “

“At the end of the day as an American diplomat, I’m excited because when I talk about US investment, I’m not just targeting money,” said the US Embassy Ambassador to Cambodia. “Beyond that, this project represents US investment in a prosperous, prosperous, democratic, and secure country. American companies value quality and transparency. ” TVFB

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