Kampot Salt Exported to France as Cambodia Imports From China

Kampot: Approximately 108 tons of traditional hand-made Kampot salt from Cambodia were exported from the Kingdom on April 25th, to the market in France, while the Kampot-Kep provincial salt producer said that salt imported from China still continues to supply the domestic market for 2019.

Cambodia exported 20 tonnes of Kampot salt to France in 2017, but due to the weather factor, exports failed for two consecutive years. While favorable weather has improved salt production since the beginning of January, Cambodia still needs to import salt from China to the domestic market.

According to the president of Kampot’s Salt Producer Community, although Cambodia is exporting salt to the French market, plans to import salt from China continue, the salt exported to France was of high quality and high value, while salt bought from China Supply to local markets was only about $ 90 per tonne plus shipping costs, totalling about $ 135 per tonne.

Labour shortages, as well as the weather have pushed salt prices up, meaning it is better economics to sell the product directly to France, rather than the domestic market, while Chinese salt is much cheaper for local consumers.


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