Japanese Plays the Chapei (Video)

Phnom Penh: Inuboshi Kensuke, third secretary of the Japanese Embassy, ​​played the traditional Khmer guitar like instrument Chapei Dong Veng and received a lot of attention from the public on Facebook.

The Embassy of Japan in Cambodia today said Inuboshi Kensuke came to Cambodia two and a half years ago and studied two years of Khmer language, and also discovered the culture and Khmer history.

But and what he is most interested in are Khmer musical instruments.

Because of this, he also showed his love for Khmer language and culture by playing the Khmer instrument, Chapei Dong Veng, in the song “Dancing”.

If you want to be sure that Inuboshi Kensuke, the third secretary of the Japanese Embassy, ​​plays a good tune, please watch the following video:


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