Kampot’s Crane Crisis

Kampot: The Crane Reserve at Anlong Pring on the Vietnamese border is located in Boeung Sras district, Kampong Trach District, and is administered by Department of Environment in Kampot province.

Food for the saurus cranes has become scarce, as the hot weather and drought have dried up wetlands, and the bird numbers are decreasing.

The director of the Crane Protection Unit said that in April, there were only 50 cranes that visited Anlong Pring district in the season. *In 2014 it was more than 300.

Anlong Pring area covers 217 hectares for cranes and other birds. Cranes spend much of the year in northern Cambodia and come south to feed from around December to May.

Story: Kohsantepheap

Photos: http://mekongcrane.com/

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