African Swine Fever Spreads in Rattanakiri

Ratanakiri: On April 23, 2019, Soy Sonana, director of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Rattanakiri province, said that provincial authorities had taken strict measures to prohibit the transportation of pigs as the epidemic of African swine fever continues to spread to other districts of Rattanakiri.

More than 100 pigs have been culled in the village of Khum Peal commune, Ochuch district, the second district to suffer an outbreak since the one in Oyadav district, which borders Vietnam, last month.

The director said that officials are working to study how the disease spreads. Currently, provincial authorities have shut down the movement of pigs throughout the province and take measures to prevent spreading.

For preventive measures the department quarantined the site of the outbreak and has been spraying disinfectant around the village. Guidance and education about the disease has been spread on radio, television, provincial television in Khmer and indigenous languages Jarai, Tampuan and Krung.

The virus does not affect human health, but the disease can survive for a long time in fresh, dried and processed pork.

Currently, there is no cure or vaccine, and no effective treatment, so when the pigs contract the disease, the only measure is to destroy them.

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