Elephants Return to Mondolkiri Village

Mondulkiri Province: A report says that many elephants have appeared in the vicinity of a pond in Srae Preah District Forestry Administration, only about 300 meters from National Road 76 in Ou Am Village, Sreang Keo Seima district.

The elephants arrived on April 20, and until the morning of April 23, have been staying in the same place.

The location behind the corner of Keo Seima and The Srekor Dei Forestry Forestry Area is their old habitat.

The group were last spotted about a month ago in the same vicinity.

These elephants have not caused any harm to nearby people until now, but local environmental officials are monitoring their location regularly to prevent any conflict. A source said that seven elephants had come from the jungle to the village to eat and drink.

Environment officials are also considering transporting water into the forest, where holes and streams have dried up to allow animals to drink.

Specialists will also increase wildlife patrols in the area and keep watch closely to prevent poaching.

Keo Sopheak, director of Mondulkiri environment department, confirmed that currently there are 370 to 500 wild elephants in Mondulkiri.

The director of the Department of Environment also appealed to citizens who visit or photograph elephants to stay back and not cause a disturbance. Wild elephants can be dangerous, but if we do not bother them, they will not cause harm to humans.

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