Virak Buntham Express Van in Fatal Collision

Kampong Thom: At 8.40 on April 20, 2019, an accident involving a Virak Buntham minibus left 2-3 dead (*accounts differ).

The bus was involved in a collision with a motorcycle trailer. A 28 year old woman later died in hospital, as did a 5 years old girl. A 1 year old was seriously injured and sent to Kantha Bopha hospital in Siem Reap. A 24 year old and a 26 year old were also taken to hospital with serious injuries (and possibly at least one died).

The driver of the VB Toyota, Phnom Penh 2AF-4217, traveling from north to south, is unidentified, after he ran away following the crash, although it appears the motorcycle was in the wrong.

After the incident, the competent authorities took the evidence to be kept at the district police inspector to wait for legal action.

Graphic images of scene in this link.

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