Chinese Passenger Injured in Taxi Flip

Kampong Thom: At 03:30 am on April 17, 2019, a taxi crash caused a Cambodian and Chinese man injuries on National Road No. 6 between Kilometers 193-194 Snay Srey village, Sankor commune, Kampong Svay district, Kampong Thom province.

The Toyota Prius taxi, license plate number Phnom Penh 2 AM-2117 was going from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, driven by Yin Samnang, a 48-year-old Cambodian man.

His Chinese passenger, XU LEI, a 37-year-old Chinese national was seriously injured and sent to a Siem Reap hospital.

The cause is reported to be due to the driver falling asleep at the wheel.

After the incident, the car was taken to the Kampong Svay Police Inspectorate for further action.

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